The easy to use, fully functional Gantt chart for GitLab and GitHub.

Provide your teams with the right tool to master time and deadlines. Giving back credit to your project status and issues due dates has never been easier!

How it works

Your issues rules it all.

Everything comes from your GitLab or GitHub issues. Specify a GanttStart and a GanttDue, GanttLab will give you the higher overview.

Without any configuration, GanttLab comes with a Gantt chart for your issues out of the box. Your team instantly gets better insights on deadlines and provide more accurate ETAs for your projects.

Managers are more accurate in due dates
Developers never used Gantt charts and now love it

The type of tools you love.

User concern is one of the highest priority in building GanttLab. We do thoroughly consider feedback and ensure iterating on each features till we get the most simple solution and the greatest intuitive user experience.

  • A tool that just works
  • Nothing to install or configure
  • Minimalistic Design
  • No documentation needed
  • Always improving
  • Crystal clear Gantt chart

The tool you've been dreaming of

Quick and easy

GanttLab is already running for you, your issues will get on a Gantt chart within seconds.

Blazing fast

You will never wait for long calculation or rendering times, the Gantt chart is generated instantly.

Safe to run

GanttLab Live does not store any data, everything runs in your browser, traffic is from your local network.

Install on your server

Available on-premise, GanttLab will let you build the Gantt chart you ever wanted for your team.

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